When visiting the beautiful island of Paros take the chance to breathe in the culture and truly experience the history and traditions of the island. The Cycladic gem is filled with unique and enchanting cultural landmarks, waiting to be discovered. One of the most stunning places to visit, is the monastery of Agios Antonios found on Kefalos Hill, perfect for those who love history, art, and nature. 

Built in the 16th century the monastery is a classically quaint structure, that boasts folk art paintings and historical artwork dating back more than 3 centuries. For the history buffs, the church truly provides an amazing opportunity for its visitors to see how the island has developed over the years. 


While the monastery itself is breathtaking, the religious structure is only one part of the experience that comes with visiting this location. To begin with, to reach the monastery you have to hike up Kefalos Hill, which is an inactive volcano, the crater of which lies directly under the shrine’s structure. The beautiful walk takes visitors through vibrant green hills with an enchanting and mythical feel to them, complete with Venetian castle ruins, that help to transport hikers on a journey to the past. From the top of the hill, the most incredible panoramic views of Paros wait to be discovered, and will surely make for unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

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