Easter is one of Greece’s most important religious celebrations with each region honouring these Holy days in its own, special way every spring. A solemn and optimistic mood floods the islands of the Cyclades with festivities taking on a veritably magical character amid nature’s renaissance. Paros, of course, is no exception and becoming part of the island’s ambience during Easter is guaranteed to stand out as a holiday highlight. Visitors lucky enough to be in Paros during Easter have the chance to veer off classic tourist activities and encounter revivals, representations and celebrations throughout Paros. 

Leaving cosmopolitan Parikia or bustling Naoussa behind to head east towards Marpissa during Holy Week, guests will encounter truly special sights. On Good Friday in the village of Marpissa and during the Epitaph’s procession young locals infuse the solemn mood with theatricality by re-enacting scenes from the Resurrection of Lazarus, the Last Supper or Jesus’ Ascent to Cavalry, evoking the feelings and underlining Easter’s significance. Similar representations are also staged in the villages of Marmara, Prodromos and Lefkes. 


On Holy Saturday, following the priest’s proclamation that “Christ has risen”, bells toll throughout the island, filling it with their joyous messages as fireworks light up the sky and everyone gets ready to tuck into the delicious Easter meal. But that is not all! On Easter Sunday the island celebrates in unison, homes are brimming with guests and visitors and the delicious scents of roasted lamb and fluffy tsoureki fill the air. At the port of Naoussa the celebration lasts all day with all restaurants playing the same music and their patrons becoming one big family, dancing and drinking until late in the night. Parians know how to celebrate, how to unite in joy and how to enjoy these festive moments of togetherness. Coupled with their warm hospitality and the joy of introducing guests to their culture and customs, Paros’ Easter time visitors are in good hands! 

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