The island of Paros is dotted with beautiful beaches, hidden coves, and natural wonders that will intrigue visitors and immerse them in a unique experience that calls back to the natural charm of the Cyclades. Along with the renowned and popular beaches the island also hosts numerous secluded havens that allow for moments of tranquility, one of which is the stunning Molos Beach. 

Located in a large bay on the west of the island, just 3km away from Summer Senses Luxury Resort, Molos beach is a stretching coastline, that guarantees private tranquility in the sun. Extending as far as the eye can see, the spacious coast never gets overcrowded as it has remained a hidden gem, not widely known by tourists.


A mix of sand and pebbles, the untouched bay and the entire surrounding area of Molos beach is protected by the European Law Natura 2000, making it a breathtaking spot and an unscathed, flourishing oasis. Safely nestled within a cove, Molos is the perfect place for enjoying  days of tanning as well as for families to relax with the comfort of knowing that their children can safely play on the sandy shores and within the shallow waters. 

Other than its natural charm – the beach recalls the traditions of the islands with a small chapel on the south corner as well as views out the island of Naxos prominent while you take a dip.  In the distance Kefalos Hill also stands tall, transforming the beach Dayton an enchanting and immersive experience.

After days of exploring, Summer Senses Luxury Resort provides the perfect relaxing retreat fro visitors to return to. During your stay our concierge team can help you book unique experiences such as a boat ride around the island that will transport you to hidden natural gems for unforgettable moments in the Parian sun.