A getaway to Paros during fall reveals a brand new side of the gorgeous island, a facet that few summer visitors get to explore and become enamoured with. Thanks to a plethora of activities perfectly suited to those first chillier autumn days, Paros remains a captivating destination for those in the know, the lovers of quieter moments, the seekers of exquisite tastes. 

Unknown to many is the island’s vast and impressive wine culture, whose roots lie in antiquity, which continues to dazzle wine enthusiasts. Nowadays, with contemporary practices that continue to honour tradition, Paros is, in fact, Greece’s second wine-producing Cycladic island, after Santorini. 

The island is renowned for its unique varieties that offer outstanding wines with a PDO (protected designation of origin) label thanks to a unique combination of bright sunlight, fertile soils and Mediterranean climate. “Mandilaria”, the red variety, and “Malvasia” the white, which originates from Byzantine times and enjoys a global reputation, are Paros’ most sought-after varieties. Traditional practices born in antiquity, around 3200 and 2000BC, live one but have been renewed and brought to the now, continuing a dazzling patrimony. 

The road from Naoussa to Parikia doubles as Paros’ wine route. Along the way, wineries open to the public await to introduce visitors to well-known and rarer varieties that blend tradition with modern technology.


Visitors who remain on the island until the month of November, long after the throngs of summer tourists have departed, have the opportunity to partake in one of the island’s most colourful celebrations. Each year on November 3rd, the islanders gather around the church of Agios Giorgis (Saint George) the Drunkard or “Methystis”, as he is locally known, to sample the year’s new wines. In a tradition linked to ancient Dionysian festivals, celebrations dedicated to Dionysus, the Olympian God of nature and fruitfulness but more famous as the patron of wine and ecstasy, the Parians come together to rejoice in the feeling of another successful harvest. A vibrant ambience, unique tastes and the happiness of savouring the fruit of their labours come together in the island’s most uplifting wine celebrations, perfect for carefree moments for visitors as well. 

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