For those who can’t get enough of nature, the Environmental & Cultural Park of Paros awaits. Complete with panoramic sea views, naturally occurring caves and cliff faces, and so many more amazing geological sites, the historically prominent landmark awaits to welcome visitors of all ages to experience the beauty of the island. Spanning a considerable 800 acres, across a peninsula, the Environmental & Cultural Park of Paros is the only space of its kind in the Cyclades. Its volunteerism based philosophy, provides a strong sense of community and is responsible for the entirety of the park’s flourishing functionality.


Other than being a stunning place to escape from the world, perfect for a stroll in nature or a picnic with breathtaking views, the Park, is hub for environmental and even more so, cultural happenings.

When visiting the island don’t miss the chance to experience the Paros Park Festival, with events running for the entirety of the summer including Ancient Greek plays, modern performances, comedy sketches, live music performances, and so much more, all with nature as the beautiful backdrop. Along with these live performances, the summer also sees the introduction of an outdoor cinema to the park, where guests can enjoy films under the stunning starry sky. These are only the cusp of the intriguing activities the park has on offer, waiting to be discovered.

If you are looking for more independent activities, other well known sites in the park include the monastery of Ai Yiannis Detis and its connected museum, as well as some stunning free beaches which offer azure and crystal waters, perfect for a refreshing dip in the hotter months. To end your perfect day in nature, visit Cafe Monastiri and enjoy a refreshing drink or a bite to eat under the shady palms.

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