The stunning Cycladic island of Paros is rich with tradition, famously known for its classic white and blue decor and mouthwatering island dishes. What many people don’t know however, is that the island also boasts an Archaeological Museum, located in the central town of Parikia. The museum is rich with the story of the island and takes each of its visitors on a journey through the history and cultural development of the Cyclades, helping them discover how Paros grew to become the quaint cosmopolis, forever true to its roots, that is is today.


The Archaeological Museum, provides genuine insight into the island, not only because it references history, but also because the collection is made up of artefacts that have been passed down and preserved for generations, as well as objects that have been discovered in digs on the island.

While the museum is not as large as those found in big cities, it covers an incredibly wide range of historical periods: The first room contains artefacts from the Archaic period as well as classic sculptures, reflecting an art form that is often correlated closely with ancient Greece. The second room contains pottery, sculptures, and other small findings which span all the way from the Neolithic to the Roman period, once again taking visitors on a cultural and historical journey, outlining the influences that are evident on the island to this day in its architecture. The final room, which doubles as an atrium is built around a Roman mosaic floor, and is complete with sculptures, urns, and various other architectural parts.

To name a few of the stand out members of the collection, the museum holds the marble statue of Gorgon, an intricately designed classical piece, as well as the marble statue of Artemis, the goddess of hunt, chastity, and the moon, which stands at a looming 2.74m and is truly an awe-striking structure.

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