Year after year Paroslively scene and Cycladic charm draws in visitors like a magnet. Sensational beaches, hidden coves, uplifting nightlife and mouth-watering gastronomy are just some of the islands attractions for those who truly want their vacation to have it all. Yet, there are sides of Paros that remain less visited throughout the years and provide anyone less inclined to dance the night away unique opportunities to unearth gems they might not know were just a stones throw away! 

One such example, and a truly family-friendly one at that, is the islands Butterflies Nature Reserve, resting in Petaloudes (the Greek word for butterflies”) Valley, just 7km from Parikia. Less than half an hour by car from Summer Senses Luxury Resort, the Reserve is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to revel in the islands natural magnificence. 


From the months of June to September, Jersey tiger moth” butterflies swarm the verdant oasis and spend the remainder of their days here, resting on leaves and enjoying natures kindness. Visitors have the chance to observe the colourful creatures in their natural habitat and, if they are lucky enough, catch the butterflies in flight. This is a genuinely wondrous sight: as the butterflies take to the ether, the undersides of their wings reveal gorgeous contrasts of red and black, made even more beguiling against the backdrop of super-green vegetation. 

The idyllic landscape with its dense flora and abundant water flowing from a natural spring throughout the year create a wonderful island haven, perfect for exploration. Here, enjoying Paros with ones family is truly effortless. The park is easy to navigate and worth leaving Parostrendy hot-spots behind in favour of peaceful moments under the shade of centenarian trees, navigating the Reserves walkways and taking in the aromas of the fragrant herbs dotted all around the botanical path.

During your stay at Summer Senses Luxury Hotel, dont miss out on the opportunity to discover Parosunknown grandeur. Just ask our Concierge Service for more information and consider your excursion well underway already!