Paros’ winemaking legacy spans eons. It is, in fact, said to have originated during the prosperous Cycladic civilisation period, between 3200 and 2000 BC! Generations of islanders can recall their happiest memories accompanied by delightful sips of wine and the tradition lives on to this day, highlighting Paros’ love for locally-made varieties. 

The beautiful fishing town of Naoussa, resting about 15 minutes by car from Summer Senses Luxury Resort, hosts Paros Moraitis Wine Museum, a destination definitely worth visiting for its historical information and interesting insights, promising to enchant everyone – from seasoned connoisseurs to enthusiasts still finding their favourites. 


The winery was founded in 1910 by Manolis Moraitis, a third-generation winemaker, in order to preserve the local vineyardscharacter and quality. Since, it has been lovingly passed down from generation to generation and was renovated in 2001 to include the winemaking centre, the old winery building, the underground ageing cellars, the wine tasting hall and of course, the wine museum. 

Staying true to their ancestors vision the Moraitis’ fourth generation descendants now cultivate the private 100-acre vineyards producing exceptional wines from renowned or more obscure local varieties, through the perfect fusion of tradition and technology. Assyrtiko, Malagouzia, Vaftra and Mandilara are only some of the delicious varieties produced here, reaching all four corners of the globe. 

The museum offers a fantastic look into Paros’ wine-making history while it also offers insights on the entire process – from harvest to glass. Here, visitors get the chance to become immersed into the island’s culture, taste unique varieties and discover new favourites, promising to accompany their loveliest moments from now on. 

At Summer Senses Luxury Resort’s Hydor Bar and Irida Lounge Bar, you will discover a wonderful selection of delicious wines, premium cocktails and quality spirits. Enjoy the beverage of your choice, meticulously prepared and beautifully served, under the starry Parian sky or accompanied by the sun’s warm caress and indulge your senses in a beguiling Cycladic ambience.