Only a kilometre from the shores of Paros, rests the small island of Antiparos, a unique Mediterranean paradise. Disembarking at the picturesque harbour marks the beginning of an enchanting voyage. Ultra-white homes, blue shutters, paved alleyways resting under the shade of bougainvillea and an uplifting mood, greet you right away and have captured the hearts of distinguished fans throughout the years, with Tom Hanks selecting it as his summer retreat. Despite its celebrity guests, however, Antiparos now stands as a must-visit destination for anyone visiting Paros as it is reachable from Parikia on a small boat of via ferry from Pounda, making it perfect for short trips or excursions off the beaten path. 

A truly sensational sight on Antiparos is the island’s Cave, renowned for the Stone Age carvings it hosts. Perched above the sea on the hill of Ai Yiannis, the cave offers visitors stunning vistas of the surroundings while a descent down over 400 steps leads to an oasis of striking natural beauty, complete with stalactite formations. 


Lovers of architecture will encounter exactly what they are looking for in Kastro, the island’s main settlement and a true architectural marvel. The region’s two-storey homes compose the walls of a fortress in true Venetian style, behind which hide quaint neighbourhoods rife for exploration. But there’s something for those enchanted by archaeology too; on the little island of Despotiko excavations have begun on the Temple of Apollo and Artemis, gradually revealing more of the island’s dazzling past. 

No mention of Antiparos is complete, however, without a special mention to its stunning beaches which magically satisfy all tastes. Rocky, shallow or inviting in huge waves, each beach is the perfect proposal for relaxation, fun and excitement all rolled into one. Resting just minutes aways from the main town, Psaralykes, Sifneiko, Agios Spyridonas, Kalargyrou and Theologos await to host the most wonderful moments. 

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