At Summer Senses Luxury Resort, we aim to cater to all five senses with our unique offering of spectacular accommodation, unrivalled services and mouth-watering gastronomy. We also know that art and culture hold a magical power to enrich any vacation, especially when varied Parian culture is highlighted.

Visiting Paros in July? You are in luck! Every year, come mid-July a three-day celebration of the island’s heritage takes place in charming Parikia, filling the small capital with music, tastes and happenings that will entertain young and old alike.

The festival, aiming to promote the diverse culture of the island as well as its people, came to fruition thanks to the initiative and dedication of a group of volunteers residing in Paros and eager to bring the island’s richness to the international forefront.


During the three-day celebration music, architecture and other traditions take centre stage around the imposing Frankish Castle, creating a convivial atmosphere that blends in seamlessly with Greek hospitality. Through the highlighting of both the tangible and intangible cultural heritage, visitors and locals are offered a wonderful opportunity to engage with the past and present of the place, forging strong bonds with the dazzling Cycladic island.

Concerts, exhibitions, screenings, forums, guided tours and other participation-led events transform Parikia into a cultural hub that reflects the island’s patrimony and stands out in everyone’s calendars as an event not to be missed!

All this fun and excitement got your appetite going? At Summer Senses Luxury Resort’s Galazia Hytra fine dining restaurant you will find the tasty treats you’ve been dreaming of! Embark on an adventure through mouth-watering tastes, reflecting the richness of the Parian land and topped-off with a generous helping of creativity. An experience not to be missed during your stay!