We know that discovering and truly immersing oneself in a destination is of the upmost importance to a lot of modern-day travellers and the island of Paros has a number of unique opportunities for those who want to actively explore. One of the most famous and intriguing adventures the island has to offer is the hike that takes its participants on a journey from the central town of Paros (Parikia) through Kakapetra to Thapsana and all the way to Marathi. The journey is not only a wonderful day in nature, but also an opportunity to see some of the most important sites and secret spots Paros has to offer. 


Beginning in Parikia, hikers enjoy a tour of the traditional settlement as they head towards the hills of Kakapetra. Not long after a footpath is joined that will direct the first leg of the journey. Senses are truly immersed in the atmosphere of the island, with fragrant aromatic herbs lining the trails and stunning dramatic views captivating you from every angle.

Olive groves lead the way to Thapsana Monastery, an authentic landmark of the island, reflecting both the historical and current religious traditions of the island. The beautiful area makes for a great pitstop and a chance to take some memorable photos. 

Following the monastery, a rural footpath winding through ancient agricultural communities and farms leads the way to stretching expanses of verdant open fields, quaint chapels, and shady spots hidden in blooming nature. 

Upon arriving above Marathi an old Byzantine monastery calls the attention of even the most avid adventurers, with its distinct design and structure. Those who are thrill seekers, can now take the winding path down to the historic mining caves and those brave enough can even explore the ancient quarries. To end the hike, there are perfect picnic spots just below the quarry or alternatively, enjoy a traditional meal in the town of Marathi. 

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