There is so much more to charming Paros than picture-perfect beaches, scenic walks through whitewashed alleyways and a vibrant nightlife! The island is home to a rich culture, interesting customs and unique traditions that honour Greek heritage but always with an island flair. There are many causes for celebration in Paros, marking the locals’ calendars with joy and jubilation year-round and inviting visitors to join in at one of many festivals brimming with Parian authenticity. And if you thought this was reserved for the summer months, think again! Spring brings along a plethora of occasions to get together but the Festival of Agios Georgios held in the village of Alyki every April, is certainly not one to be missed. 


Alyki is a quaint coastal village with a small harbour located south of Parikia. The peaceful and inviting ambience has made the little village a must-visit destination for those seeking to relax away from trendy hotspots, yet has managed to retain its traditional character. On the 23rd of every April, Alyki, celebrates the sanctified martyr Agios Georgios, with an exciting and lively “panigiri” – the Greek word for a religious celebration in the great outdoors. Young and old join forces as they gather around the picturesque church named after Agios Georgios, uniting in merriment. 

Just like every panigiri, this one too is a treat for all five senses; mouth-watering local delicacies made especially for the day abound and the uplifting sounds of traditional island music fills the air. In the spirit of Greek hospitality, visitors are encouraged to join in, learning the steps to each dance from the locals, holding hands and becoming one with the happy atmosphere. After all, is there any better way to fall in love with a destination than to let the locals guide you? Getting to know a side of the island that few venture to is a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience, an adventure that will introduce you to treasures you didn’t even know existed! 

Upon arriving above Marathi an old Byzantine monastery calls the attention of even the most avid adventurers, with its distinct design and structure. Those who are thrill seekers, can now take the winding path down to the historic mining caves and those brave enough can even explore the ancient quarries. To end the hike, there are perfect picnic spots just below the quarry or alternatively, enjoy a traditional meal in the town of Marathi. 

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