The Cycladic islands have festivals throughout the year, focused on preserving traditions, but also on highlighting cultural, religious, and historical events. Arguably some of the most vibrant and exciting events of the year are the carnival festivities, which take place throughout February but culminate in a truly lively event on the Sunday which falls 40 days before Greek Easter.

Paros is no exception to the Cycladic group of islands which participate in the carnival festivities, and has become particularly well-known for carnival events in the village of Marpissa, which goes above and beyond and has become famous for its ingenuity and imagination. It is the most amazing step into Greek traditions, encompassed in an animated and exhilarating day.


On the Sunday of carnival, young and old alike line the cobblestoned streets of the classic Cycladic village, dressed up in fancy dress, which ranges from traditional apparel, to modern costumes. While the lively bustle of the cheery dressed-up locals emanates through the town, make-shift chariots are also driven, with performers presenting original comedic plays and satirical sketches. The entire village and all its visiting guests parade through the town, starting with a tour through the streets which takes them back to the central square.

The members of the small village, and all those who join to celebrate the special day are united through the lively and exciting event and altogether it is an unforgettable experience, complete with jovial energy and cheer.

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