An exciting holiday destination presents the perfect opportunity for exploration! On the picturesque island of Paros you are sure to be spoiled for choice, whether you opt for excursions to its remote, whitewashed villages or days spent lounging on the golden sand. With a plethora of beaches to choose from – from organised party hubs to hard-to-reach coves – on Paros, you are sure to find the seafront location that speaks to your heart, ready to become the backdrop of amazing moments under the Greek sun. 

One such excellent option is Kalogeros beach, which conveniently rests about a ten minute drive from Summer Senses Luxury Resort on the eastern coast of Paros, facing the island of Naxos. Located further away from many tourist attractions on the island, Kalogeros definitely belongs to Paros’ less explored destinations, which is sure to pique the interest of anyone who enjoys venturing away from the crowds. 


The beauty of Kalogeros lies in its contrasts. The beach itself is rocky and sandy at the same time, surrounded by steep cliffs, lending the scenery an ineffable rugged yet inviting charm. Pristine azure waters beckon visitors in for refreshing dips or endless fun among the waves. 

But there is more to Kalogeros than meets the eye as the beach holds a unique secret that promises to reveal your beauty! The rock formations that encircle the bay are home to argyle clay, a natural ingredient with an array of beneficial, beautifying properties, from exfoliating thoroughly to moisturising parched skin. To make the most of your this impromptu spa session at Kalogeros, simply mix up the clay with sea water and spread it all over your body. Then lay back, relax under and let the summer sun works its magic by drying it out. A quick dip and a scrub in the water later, and you will be positively glowing. If that is not enough reason to fall in love with Kalogeros beach, what is? 

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