A wonderful opportunity to come into contact with Paros’ brilliant heritage and contemporary character, at the same time, awaits the island’s visitors throughout the summer months. Paros is a vibrant island whose residents are proud to uphold customs held for years, keen to introduce visitors to its heritage and eager to put its Cycladic allure and landscapes to use for the promotion of important causes. 


Such is the role of the Paros Park Festival, which has been running annually since 2009 at the Environmental and Cultural Park of the Municipality of Paros. The event is a summer program featuring cultural, sports and environmental events, which are all held within the park itself. Throughout the months of June to September an array of interesting, entertaining and enriching events – including concerts, dance performances and plays, unfolds in an inspiring ambience. The Festival’s events centre around an imposing focal point: the amphitheatre of Archilochus in Naoussa, named after the lauded local poet of antiquity whose words are engraved on the theatre’s rocks, which in turn affords the entire experience an air of Cycladic mysticism. What’s more, events take place throughout other areas of the Park as well, with Cine Enastron, the open air cinema, perhaps standing out for its screenings under the night skies of Paros. With the event’s organisers ensuring there is something here for everyone to enjoy, an outing to the Paros Park Festival is sure to be a unique experience for young and old, alike. 

Paros Park Festival aims not only to introduce and promote domestic and international artists but also to support the island’s cultural heritage, spread ecological awareness and encourage collective activity. As a result, its multifaceted character is an excellent way to encounter the island’s magic and a surefire way to infuse your stay with extra doses of fun and entertainment. 

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