Paros is a true paradise for the entire family, resting just three hours from the port of Piraeus and easily reachable with daily ferry rides during the summer months. At Summer Senses Luxury Resort we aim to make the whole family’s vacation, a memory that stands the test of time with exceptional hospitality.

But there’s much more to the island and setting out to discover its pristine beaches can be a unique experience for all. So where to next? We have rounded up our picks for Paros’ top three family-friendly beaches for fun and hassle-free outings for everyone. Time to start packing!


1. Golden Beach
Wondering where to splash about in the waters without venturing too far from Summer Senses Luxury Resort. The answer you have been searching for is Golden Beach, resting less than ten minutes away from our picture-perfect sanctuary. The sandy shores are ideal for children while the organised beach allows for perfect comfort for all. With a restaurant nearby and a parking lot just a few metres away, Golden Beach is the easiest, but by no means, lacklustre option for an enjoyable day by the waves.
2. Faragas
Looking for a beach that offers both organised and non-organised options? Less than 15km from Summer Senses Luxury Resort lies the beach of Faragas, one of the best family-friendly destinations on the island. One of Paros’ most famous beaches, Faragas is a bay with clear, calm waters, even on windy days, making a safe destination for families with young children. You may opt for sun beds and an umbrella or bring along your own beach equipment to enjoy this little oasis as you please. Faragas is also home to a restaurant, perfect for a hearty lunch, as well as a beach bar offering refreshments and light snacks throughout the day.
3. Logaras
If your family loves playing by the beach and trying their hand at exciting new sports, Logaras is the ultimate destination. Sandy and breezy with crystal clear waters that beckon for a dip, it is ideally located less than a kilometre away from Summer Senses Luxury Resort. Visit the beach for laid-back moments on your sun-bed or take advantage of a windy day to learn the basics of water sports and bring the whole family together.

At Summer Senses Luxury Resort we know that Paros is full of magical spots, serene coves and unique landscapes you are sure to fall in love with. Get in touch with our helpful and knowledgeable Concierge Service and book an amazing luxury yacht or boat cruise around Paros for unforgettable summer moments.
Don’t forget to bring your camera – you will definitely want to capture these memories forever more!