You might think Paros is all about exceptional beaches with pristine waters, seafood tavernas and a buzzing nightlife. And while these are just some of the elements that make the island stand out, there’s much more than meets the eye, making Paros a top destination for anyone wishing to delve deeper into the island’s character and experience first-hand its unique brand of authenticity. 

Paros’ true heart beats the strongest away from the beaten path. Further up its hills, in the picturesque, quaint villages locals greet you with their kindness and hospitality, introducing you to the island’s warm and inviting essence. 


One such beautiful spot is the village of Prodromos, sitting south-east of Parikia, about 7 km from Naoussa and less than a ten minute drive from Summer Senses Luxury Resort. The village borrows its name from the church of Agios Ioannis Prodromos, whose interiors are stunningly decorated with beautiful icons. Every year, on June 23rd Prodromos becomes the epicentre of one of Paros’ most important celebrations!

The village’s entrance, an arch with a vaulted roof and bell tower, speaks to the overarching aesthetic of Prodromos. The quaint village boasts Cycladic architecture with the archetypal cubed homes built close to one another, domed passageways dotted around the cobblestoned streets, picturesque chapels and beautiful churches. 

A walk among its narrow passageways is a surefire way to get immersed in the village’s charms. Small yards with bright flowers provide the perfect green contrast to the stark white walls while an array of traditional cafés initiates guests to Prodromos’ unique island vibe. 

Prodromos also lends itself to unique explorations of Paros, exerting a distinctive pull on lovers of the great outdoors and explorations far from the crowds. From the village, visitors can choose to walk down the Byzantine path, one the island’s most famous tracks, leading to the equally stunning village of Lefkes. The marble-paved path marks the beginning of an amazing wander, guaranteed to fill you with nature’s unstoppable energy as you make your way towards Lefkes through olive groves and vineyards. However, if cooling off after a day under the Mediterranean sun is what you are after, Prodromos is a great option as it provides easy access to the beaches of Molos, Kalogeros and Tsoukalia. 

With Summer Senses Luxury Resort as your starting point, set out to unveil all of Paros’ hidden gems, knowing that a luxurious haven of comfort, serenity and relaxation awaits within each stunning room. Coupled with our impeccable services and grand pools to unwind by, all you have to do is rest and recline, gearing up for all new adventures and brand new discoveries!