On a generous island where the land meets the sea and the sun offers its life-giving light, flavour is reinvented. Freshness, aroma and colour intermingle in well-balanced culinary proposals, all of them rooted in the principles of Mediterranean living. On Paros, this very philosophy is further exalted by amazing local ingredients, techniques and recipes passed down from generation to generation and the warmth of locals that makes every treat a true labour of love. 


Can you say “cheese”?

If you wonder what a classic Parian mezze experience entails we have one words for you: cheese. You will be hard-pressed to find a taverna that won’t regale you with an exceptional cheese platter to accompany your drinks. The reason behind this is quite simple: the island produces some of Greece’s most sought-after cheeses; soft and creamy xinomyzithra, is the ideal topping for a Greek salad, sharp kopanisti cheese goes well with crunchy rusks and oil cheese, known locally as ladotyri, pairs perfectly with a few glasses of strong distillates, beloved in the region. One trip to Paros and we guarantee, you will leave with a list of new favourites!

Souma stands for joy! 

Celebrations, joyous gatherings and moments of happiness are always marked with a toast and a brave sip of souma. Souma is Paros’ local distillate, a drink with a rich tradition behind it. Towards the end of October every year a festival called “Kazania” is held near the special cauldrons used for the distilling process. During the distilling  of the Monemvasia and Mandilaria grape varieties locals gather round the cauldrons, tasting this year’s batches and a variety of Parian treats. As the souma flows, the Parians get together to celebrate, sing and dance in merriment. Yamas! 

The freshest catch 

It comes as no surprise that locals have turned to the sea for sustenance for centuries. The catch of each day is a treasure trove of inspiration for sumptuous fish and seafood-based dishes, redolent with the aroma of the sea and as fresh as they can get. Ultra-fresh vegetables straight from the garden, handpicked greens and nutritious legumes are all enlisted to accompany cooked fish in almost any form imaginable. There’s the delicious kakavies fish soups, the sun dried and salt-cured gouna fish, fried calamari, grilled octopus, mackerel with herbs… we could go on. On Paros there is no way you can go wrong with ordering fresh fish! Let the local’s seafaring traditions and signature techniques introduce you to brand new tastes and discover new favourites. What’s more to love about Paros’ fish-centred recipes is their ease and simplicity, perfect to recreate at home if when the weather is less than enticing. 

The most delicious Parian flavours find their home in Summer Senses Luxury Resort’s main restaurant, Gaia. A delicious menu full of traditional ingredients and elevated island treats awaits to entice you every day. From a filling breakfast as you look out to the sea an amazing dinner under the starry sky, Gaia is the starting point for the tastiest explorations. Tuck in and let the flavours transport you!