Yes, many of us want nothing more from our holiday than a great view, a comfortable sun bed and a good book. But what about those who crave a little something for adventurous during their summer vacation. Luckily Paros stands out as a favourite thanks to its multifaceted character, offering something amazing for everyone. The island’s stunning beaches are the ideal destination to discover a breadth of beautiful sites, both over and underwater – for a truly unique perspective on Paros. 

Can’t wait to dive in? Santa Maria beach, sitting less than half an hour from Summer Senses Luxury Resort is the spot you’ve been looking for. Santa Maria is located near Naoussa and it is a long coastline divided into two wonderful beaches with soft white sand. They look out to amazing views of neighbouring Naxos while the clear emerald waters entice visitors at first sight. 


Snorkelling is an absolute must at Santa Maria, and everyone is guaranteed to enjoy this underwater experience. The beach hosts a diving school, ready to accompany you in your underwater foray and offer expert guidance throughout. So what are you waiting for? Put on your mask and snorkelling gear, reach the optimal diving spots and get ready to encounter a world of incomparable beauty under the water’s surface. Swim among little fish, marvel at the rich vegetation on the rocks and surrender to the sea’s soothing properties, making the most of your summer moments on Paros. 

The team of Summer Senses Luxury Resort is always on hand to help you craft an exciting island itinerary, tailor-made to suit your interests! Get in touch with our Concierge Service and organise the perfect day: plan your transfers to and from Santa Maria or map out a route taking you to the most scenic locations from the comfort of our spacious vans. Summer Senses Luxury resort is the ideal companion in your unique Parian adventure.